Top Career Opportunities After Psychology Hons?

By Ishika S.

10th August, 2023

The BA Psychology Hons jobs are available in both the public sector and as well as in the private sector. There are a lot of career options after a BA in Psychology Hons.


“Here are top career opportunities after psychology honours”

A degree in psychology comes handy when working as a career counselor as it requires understanding the skills and potentials of an individual and guiding them towards their right career path.

Career Counsellors

Sales Representative

In BA Psychology program, a student learns certain inter-personal skills which can be then used in different sales and marketing roles.

The art of persuasion forms a major part of psychology education and can be effectively used in careers related to advertising.

Advertising Agents


After a Bachelor degree in Psychology, one can easily get into the profession of teaching.

Career counselling, teaching, advertising, PR, sales are the top career choices you can make after pursuing a degree in psychology.