Top NGO's For Child Education In Delhi

By Ishika S.

8 September, 2023

There are many NGOs in Delhi who are working to provide the facility of free education to those who are deprived of their fundamental rights to education.


“These are the top NGO’s for child education in Delhi”

Kaafila Care Foundation is a Delhi based NGO which dedicatedly works for child education all over India for years now. It is an organization of thousands of people that helps the needy who actually need it.

Kaafila Care Foundation


It is a noida based organization which aims to transform the lives of children of lower strata society for which they use already available resources. They work as an after school support group to bridge the educational and moral gap between the children and their affluent peers.

It is an NGO approved by the Niti Ayog which works determinedly for the education of the underprivileged and deprived sections of society. They aim for their development by providing them education, skill training and healthcare.

Shubhakshika Educational Society

Anmol Education and Social Welfare Society

Anmol Vidia Niketan to provide quality English education to the underprivileged children of the society. And aware them to avail the benefits of the information of the technology for social and economical development.

These are some of the best NGO’s that provide child education in Delhi. Hope this webstory was helpful. :)