Top NGO's For Volunteering In India

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

7th September, 2023 

From imparting life skills and mentoring children to helping disadvantaged elders and acid attack survivors, the NGOs in India are bringing change one step at a time.


“Here are some top NGOs that you can volunteer in India


One of the best NGOs in India, MAD, helps save children from exploitation and teaches them how to cope with life crises. They do this by improving a child’s surroundings and empowering her with knowledge and resilience. Mentoring also plays an important role in helping a child evolve.

PETA focuses on industries where animals suffer the most, including laboratories, the food industry, leather trade, and entertainment. One of the most famous NGOs in India, it uses public education, research publications, animal rescues, and media coverage, and has saved countless animals’ lives.


Greenpeace is taking collective action to voice its concerns about how the environment is suffering because of us. And to act against it, Greenpeace is working with over 26.5 lakh activists and volunteers from India.



The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, is the best NGO in India. The organization aims to stop the degeneration of the planet’s natural environment and has been working in India for 50 years now. Its commitment to building a future where humans can live in harmony with nature is commendable.

Be it child education, women empowerment, or saving the environment, there are hundreds of NGOs that exist for every cause imaginable. It not only helps in building a unique profile but also ensures that they are bringing change by volunteering for one cause or another.