Top Paying Jobs In The Finance Sector 

By Ishika S.

22nd August, 2023

A degree in financial management can get you some of the highest salary finance jobs in India making finance a great career option.


“Here are the top paying jobs in the finance sector”

Financial analysts identify financial goals for their clients and they may be long term or short term in nature. The average salary of a financial analyst is 6LPA making it one of the highest paying jobs in the finance sector.

Financial Analyst

Compliance Officer

Compliance officers are analysts who are working in public/private companies. Their work involves aspects of data analysis and reviewing processes and related infrastructure to achieve compliance. Their average salary is 5.40LPA and is a great job.

Senior accountant records data entries like any other accountant but they are at the top most position of accountant. Their average salary is almost 4.5LPA and is a great job.

Senior Accountant

Financial Adviser

The duties and responsibilities of a Financial Adviser include assessing clients' financial situations, understanding their needs, providing guidance on financial products etc.Their average salary is 4.09LPA.

These are some top paying jobs in the finance sector that you must look out for.