Toughest Courses In Science?

By Ishika

11 September, 2023

Wondering what are the toughest courses in science? Check this webstory out to find more:


“Here are the toughest courses in science”

Chemistry is known to be one of the toughest subjects. Just one topic in Chemistry (for example, organic chemistry) is incredibly complex to decipher and understand. Chemistry is very vast.



An Astronomy degree involves studying one of the most advanced branches of physics (Astrophysics), which gives you a clue as to how hard it is.

Physics is an astoundingly rigorous degree. It’s one thing to find the general ideas of Physics interesting. But it is quite another to dive into the mathematical principles, complex formulas and calculations.


Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science explores the science behind medical topics. So you have to work extremely hard to understand everything from human physiology, pathology and microbiology, to haematology, cells and organs and system function.

These are the toughest courses in science field. Hope this was helpful.