Here Are 5 Budget-Friendly Travel Spots In Andhra Pradesh

November 22 2022

Araku Valley: It is a hill station surrounded by the thick forests. There is a Tribal Museum dedicated to various indigenous tribes, known for their traditional Dhimsa dance and handicrafts. There is a miniature train too.

Gandikota: It is known as the "Grand Canyon" of India. There is a village and historical fort on the bank of the Penna river. The fort was the seat of power of many dynasties like the Golconda Sultanate.

Horsley Hills: Horsley Konda or Yenugulla Mallamma Konda, basically refers to a series of hills. It is also called the "Ooty of Andhra". The place is covered with dense forests which house over 150 species of birds.

Lambasingi: It is known as the "Kashmir of Andhra". It is a small village located at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. Hence, Lambasingi is much cooler than the plains surrounding it.

Viziangaram: also known as Vidyanagara, thanks to the sheer number of quality educational institutions established there in the  19th cetury. The city has temples, forts, rivers and more.

If you are a student, or someone who likes to travel on a shoe-string budget, head to any of these places for a nice time. So, what are you waiting for?