5 TV Shows That You Must Watch With Your Girl Besties

Dec 6, 2022

When you're on a night out with your galpals, and after the gossip session is done, you plan on watching something together but can't seem to find shows to binge together, I got you.


I have made a list of 6 TV shows that celebrate female friendships ranked in order, and how if nothing, your girls got you. So watch them with your girlfriends, and thank me later.

Issa Rae is a literal star who embodies all of these traits in her character, Issa. It's the story of her, her bestfriend Molly, and their girlfriends navigating life in Los Angeles.


Firefly Lane

It's about two best friends, Tully and Kate. They support each other through the thicks and thins and are just there by each other's side, rock solid. It reminded me of my best friend, and I forced her to watch this.

It's about a super witty, no-filtered woman who's Fleabag. She's just navigating love, life and everything in between in London and coping with her tragedy. You absolutely can't afford to miss this one.


The Bold Type

This show is about three women working at a women's magazine called Scarlet. This is hilarious and relatable as the three women come together from different backgrounds and start pursuing their dream in New York.

It's the story of three women named Madeline, Celeste and Jane. They are a trio of super-wealthy young women in California. However, their lives are taken by a storm when a murder takes place in their posh town.

Big Little Lies