Types Of Study Methods In Research

By Ishika S.

17 November

Wondering how many types of study methods are there in a research? Check this webstory out for more.


“Here are 4 types of study methods in research”

- Definition: Experimental studies involve manipulating one or more variables to observe the effect on another variable. - Example:A researcher tests the impact of a new teaching method on student performance by assigning different groups of students to either the traditional or experimental teaching approach.

1. Experimental Studies:

2. Observational Studies:

- Definition: Observational studies involve observing and recording subjects' behavior in their natural environment without interference or manipulation of variables. - Example: Researchers observe and document the behavior of children on a playground to study social interactions and play patterns.

- Definition: Survey research collects data from participants through interviews, questionnaires, or polls to gather information about attitudes, opinions, behaviors, or characteristics. - Example: A researcher conducts a survey to understand public opinions on environmental conservation, asking respondents to rate their support for various conservation initiatives.

3. Survey Research:

4. Meta-Analysis:

- Definition: Meta-analysis involves systematically reviewing and synthesizing the results of multiple studies on a specific topic to draw overarching conclusions. - Example: Researchers collect data from various studies on the effectiveness of a particular medical treatment, analyze the combined data, and provide a comprehensive overview of the treatment's overall effectiveness.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other study methods in research, each tailored to address different research questions and objectives. The choice of study method depends on the nature of the research, the research question, and the available resources.