Unpaid Internships 'Exploit' Students

By Devyani Singh

May 27 2021

Internships are important in professional courses like Law, for students to have practical experience and learnings. It not only enhances the outlook towards the real world but also gives an idea as to how workplaces are.


Even if the remuneration was not proportional to the work, we were expected to work as if we were an associate.

In a country like India, where theoretical based learning is still popular in colleges, a good internship becomes crucial to gain clarity and hone our skills.

Internship Searches

Unpaid Internships

The mere excuse of an internship certificate and experience in place of free labour cannot be justified.

Even a student with a good CV can be left behind against the one who has contacts.

Privilege Of Internships

Workload, Exploitation

All of this demands time and sacrifice on the part of students as well. The heavy work can be stressful.

There is a requirement that certain rules or guidelines be prepared by authorities. Because what we are taught is starkly different from reality.