Are Hindi Medium Students Being Cheated In UPSC Exams?

October 26 2022

There is no evidence to support the claim that Hindi medium students are being cheated in UPSC. There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual circumstances. Some Hindi students may feel that they are at a disadvantage, while others may not.

There is no official data on the success rate of English medium students compared to Hindi medium students. But English is the language of instruction in most UPSC coaching institutes, and it is also the language of the UPSC exam itself.

This means that English medium students are likely to be more comfortable with the UPSC exam format and may have an easier time understanding the questions. They also have an edge in terms of understanding international affairs and current affairs.

English is the language of instruction in most schools in India, so English medium students may have more exposure to and practice with the language. They are more likely to have access to resources such as books, websites, and tutors. This can give them an advantage.

There is no direct evidence to support the claim that CSAT affects Hindi medium students. However, it can be argued that Hindi medium students may be at a disadvantage when taking the CSAT due to the language barrier.

The CSAT is conducted in English and Hindi, but the questions are primarily in English. This may lead to Hindi medium students having a harder time understanding the questions and answers.