UPSC Mains 2023 General Studies Paper-4 Syllabus

By Aditi Tulsyan

27 July, 2023

The UPSC mains general studies paper IV  focuses on the topics of ethics, integrity, and aptitude. The paper assesses candidates' understanding of ethical and moral dimensions in various aspects of life and governance.


Here is the syllabus for UPSC mains 2023 general studies paper-4

Ethics and Human Interface

Understanding ethics requires examining ethical principles, dilemmas, and consequences in private and public life. It's important to consider the impact of actions on society and how you deal with society.

Under attidtude, candidates should focus on moral and political attitudes, as well as social influence and persuasion. For case study based question learn to  develop content, structure, function, and how it relates  to your  thoughts and behaviors. 


You should learn about emotional intelligence and its significance in personal and interpersonal relations. Focus on the application of emotional intelligence in administration and governance.

Emotional Intelligence

Human Values

You should focus on how people acquire values and the majority of people acquire values when they read about the important persoanilities like  freedom fighters. 

To ace UPSC mains 2023 general studies paper-4, study the syllabus thoroughly. It covers aptitude, ethical Issues in international relations, sharing and transparency in government, the right to information, codes of ethics, and codes of Conduct. Don't miss any of these topics.