UPSC Vs State PSC: Which is tough?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

04th September, 2023

The full name of the State PSC is the State Public Service Commission, and UPSC stands for the Union Public Service Commission.


Here is everything you need to know about JPSC syllabus

Major duties in government affairs fall to IAS officers. After engaging with government ministers, they concentrate on putting policies into practice. – The state assigns roles to PCS officers. They oversee the development activities at the block level and are nominated by the state administration.

Authority And Responsibilities

PayScale And Salary

The cadre state provides salaries and pensions. The state for which an employee is providing his services is known as the cadre state. The state government is solely responsible for managing the PCS officers' pay structure and salaries.

IAS officials begin their careers as Joint Magistrates. Additionally, with higher positions, the title and pay scale also alter. Additionally, the PCS's state service regulations determine the initial designation of the state officer.


UPSC vs PCS (State PSC)?

You should first be aware that UPSC differs from SPSC in type and number.  State PSC – In India, each state has a separate State Public Service Commission. UPSC – In India, there is just one Union Public Service Commission and no branches.

Although the UPSC and state PSC choose applicants for administrative positions, they are very different processes. Hopefully you were able to understand the differences between the two.