VIT vs KIIT For Engineering

By Aditi Tulsyan

8 August, 2023

Both VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) and KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) are renowned for their engineering programs, they offer distinct features that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of students.


Here is the detail about VIT and KIIT 

Academic Excellence

VIT and KIIT both prioritize academic excellence and offer diverse engineering programs with a focus on real-world applications and innovation.


At KIIT University in Bhubaneswar, scholarships are available for students across various categories. At VIT, scholarships are awarded to the top 100 students with high scores in VITEEE.

VIT Vellore and KIIT have great placement cells for students. Post-grads at VIT got INR 6.39 LPA and B.Tech students got INR 6.07 LPA. KIIT has a 100% placement rate and an average package of INR 6 LPA. Amazon offered the highest package of INR 30 LPA.


In the ARIIA 2020 competition by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, KIIT secured the first position among self-financing institutions in the country. VIT secured the second position among self-financing institutions in the same competition.


Both VIT and KIIT are prominent choices for engineering aspirants in India. Ultimately, the decision between VIT and KIIT hinges on individual preferences, career aspirations, and the desire for a well-rounded college experience.