5 Reasons To Watch 'Delhi Crime' S2 On Netflix

August 30 2022

I watched Delhi Crime (season 2) and a lot of things hit me like flaws in the police force, denotified tribes being targeted,, but the biggest one was the extent people can go to fulfill their desires.


I know it is just a web series with hypothetical scenarios, made for entertainment's sake, but you will be forced to ask yourself: aren’t these incidents a harsh reality?

Season 2 is about a girl who works in a beauty parlour. During visits to her rich clients houses she gets a burning desire to open her own parlour and be her own boss.

A working class protagonist

Relatable plot points

I have experienced this too. I met my cousin recently and he told me that his friends have iPhones and iPads, but my uncle doesn't buy him anything. So, he stole some money from my uncle's wallet.

There is so much comparison that children get attracted to wrong ways to fulfill their desires. A crime doesn't need to be big. Stealing from parents can lead to bigger crimes in future.

Comparing oneself to others

The desire for a better life

Everyone wants a luxurious and better lifestyle. The desire to achieve this is so much that the way doesn't matter anymore, as if people are possessed by it.

Why are working women always accused of not balancing their family's needs and work life properly? Women are expected to be multi-taskers who can't fail.

Achieving that work-life balance