What Do Indian Students In Unranked Colleges Go Through?

July 20 2022

The National Institutional Ranking Framework's ranking of India’s educational institutes, has had an IIT top the list for many years now. But, what about those Indian students who don't go to an elite college like the IIT?


Ranked institutes are the best in education and excellence. Lakhs of students queue up to be a part of these gems. But the darker side of education resides in rural and semi-urban cities.

Top management is unaware of what is being taught daily in terms of the concepts and lessons. The first thing the government should do is to inspect colleges regularly.

Irregular Inspection

Financial Factor

The education, and therefore the earnings as well as lifestyles of students studying in metro cities versus those studying in rural/semi-urban areas are drastically different.

The educational model in place should be a result of thinking, experimenting, observing, and acting. You have to adopt newer formulas to provide better educational communication.

Poor Quality

Academic Pattern

This is the era of skills-based education. India's non-elite colleges need to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach so that students’ knowledge is not limited to their subject area.

Education must be equal for everyone as it is the only weapon students from humble backgrounds have, to face life's many challenges. It allows one to overcome their immediate circumstances and make something of themselves.