What Are The 3 R's Of Memorisation?

By Ishika

20 December, 2023

The 3 R's of Memorization are commonly known as Repeat, Review, and Recall.


Here's a brief explanation:

- Repeating information helps reinforce memory. Regularly go over the material to strengthen neural connections and improve retention.

1. Repeat (Repetition):

2. Review:

- Regularly review previously learned information. Spaced repetition, where you revisit material at increasing intervals, is an effective technique for long-term retention.

- Actively recalling information without looking at notes or textbooks strengthens memory. Quiz yourself or engage in self-testing to reinforce what you've learned.

3. Recall:

4. Association:

- Associate new information with existing knowledge or create mnemonic devices. Connecting new data to familiar concepts enhances recall.

Also, apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios or problem-solving exercises. Practical application helps solidify memory and improves the transfer of knowledge.