What Are The 8 Japanese Values?

By Ishika

15 February, 2024

Wondering what are the 8 Japanese values? Check this web story out for more details:

Harmony is central to Japanese culture, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peaceful relationships and social cohesion. It involves prioritizing group harmony over individual desires and avoiding conflict whenever possible.

1. Harmony (和, Wa):

2. Respect (尊敬, Sonkei):

Respect is deeply ingrained in Japanese society, with individuals expected to show deference and courtesy to others, especially towards elders, authority figures, and those of higher social status. Respect is demonstrated through bowing, polite language, and attentive listening.

Honor is highly valued in Japanese culture, representing integrity, reputation, and dignity. Individuals strive to uphold their honor and the honor of their families by acting with integrity, fulfilling obligations, and avoiding behaviors that could bring shame or disgrace.

3. Honor (名誉, Meiyo):

4. Courtesy (礼儀, Reigi):

Courtesy encompasses politeness, good manners, and observing social etiquette in all interactions. Japanese society places great importance on maintaining harmony and showing consideration for others, which is reflected in everyday behaviors such as bowing, exchanging business cards with both hands, and using honorific language.

5. Diligence (勤勉, Kinben):

Diligence emphasizes the value of hard work, perseverance, and dedication in achieving one’s goals. Japanese culture encourages individuals to approach tasks with a strong work ethic, committing themselves fully to their responsibilities and continually striving for improvement.

6. Frugality (倹約, Ken’yaku):

Frugality emphasizes the importance of thriftiness, avoiding waste, and living modestly. Despite Japan being a developed nation, traditional values of frugality remain strong, with individuals often prioritizing saving and resourcefulness.

7. Humility (謙虚, Kenkyo):

Humility is valued in Japanese culture, with individuals encouraged to downplay their achievements and avoid boasting or arrogance. Instead, humility is expressed through modesty, self-effacement, and acknowledging one’s limitations.

Loyalty is deeply rooted in Japanese society, particularly in relationships and obligations. Loyalty is demonstrated through dedication to family, company, and community, with individuals expected to prioritize the collective welfare over personal interests.

8. Loyalty (忠誠, Chusei):