What Are The Best Books For IIT JEE Preparation?

By Ishika

5th September

Best Books for JEE preparation are the ones that give you precise theory on the concepts and an adequate variety of problems to retain those concepts.


“Here are some of the best books for IIT JEE Preparation”

– Concepts of physics by HC Verma – Fundamental physics by Halliday, Resnik. – Problems in physical by AA Pinksky – Physics volume 1&2 by Paul A Tipler

Best Physics Books For IIT JEE

Best Chemistry Books For IIT JEE

– Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon – Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur – Organic chemistry by OP Tandon – Inorganic chemistry by OP Tandon

– Maths class 11 Vol1- RD Sharma – Maths class 11 Vol 2- RD Sharma – IIT JEE Mathematics by ML Khanna – Integral Calculus by Amit m Agarwal

Best Mathematics Books For IIT JEE


Apart from these books it’s always advisable to be thorough with NCERT books. Read NCERT books carefully and clear the concepts before referring to other books.

These are some of the best books for IIT JEE preparation. Hope this was helpful.