What Are The Toughest Languages To Learn?

By Ishika

19 September

Wondering what are the toughest languages to learn? Check this web story to find out more.


“Here are the toughest languages of the world”

Japanese is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially for those who have grown up speaking English, Spanish, or French.



Arabic is considered one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. Arabic is a Semitic language that's spoken in 26 countries throughout the Middle East as well as northern Africa, including in Algeria, Saudi Arabia etc.

Korean has been ranked as one of the hardest languages to learn for native English speakers by the US Foreign Service Institute. Korean might not be the toughest but it is the trickiest language to learn.



In the Hungarian language, there are 14 vowels with slight differences in pronunciation. Hungarianconsonant clusters also have unexpected pronunciations which makes it one of the toughest languages to learn.

l.These were the toughest languages to learn in the world. Hope this web-story was helpful.