What Businesses Can I Start With 3 Lakh?

By Ishika S.

24th August

India is now a hub of small independent businesses. From coaching to salon, there are many businesses that offer great profits.


“Here are some best businesses that you can start with 3 lakhs”

Customised products are increasingly popular as a giving option. These include personalized mugs, key chains, and pillows, among others. Customised product business is highly profitable and is a great business idea to be started under 3 lakhs.

Customised Products Business

Event Planning

Events are super popular in India and is a great business to start with 3 lakhs. You can start your event management company and specialise in specific events like Themed Event Decor, Corporate Event Planning, Wedding Planning etc.

Apps have taken the market by storm. You can develop an app which fills a gap in the market to earn huge profits and it can be started under 3 lakhs. Choose a specific industry or niche for your app development and hire a bunch of developers to get started.

App Development

Photography Business

You can start your photography business with 3 lakhs, having good high quality Equipments and can provide services like pre-wedding shoots, destination shoots, and corporate events to earn great money.

These are some of the businesses that can be started with 3 lakhs.