What Is Ashoka University Famous For?

By Simran Nandrajrog

May 18

From meeting people from diverse backgrounds to studying subjects that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to study anywhere else, Ashoka University has given me everything that one can want from an ideal college life.


“Here’s why going to Ashoka University was the best decision I made”

All students have to take an introductory course in critical thinking in the first semester, where they read and learn to analyse texts and give their views.

Critical Thinking Approach

No Attendance Mandate For Most Courses

At Ashoka, while foundation courses allow four free absences in a semester, almost no other course has any attendance requirement.

If you aren’t satisfied with your major, you also have the provision to make a switch. The best part of it all is no one judges you for following your heart.

You Can Change Your Major Subjects

Gives You Space To Flourish

Ashoka University somehow moulds you into an independent, free-thinking individual, without trying to control you in any way.

Ashoka treats students the way they should be, as adults. You’ll find regulations that are commonplace in most Indian universities, not found at Ashoka.