What Is Better? Science Or Commerce?

By Ishika

1 December, 2023

Wondering what is better science or commerce? Check this web story out for more.


“Science vs commerce”

- Science is ideal for those interested in subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology, while commerce focuses on business, economics, and finance. Choose based on your passion and aptitude.

1. Interest and Aptitude:

2. Career Paths:

- Science streams often lead to careers in medicine, engineering, or research, while commerce opens doors to fields like accounting, finance, and business management. Consider the specific career paths associated with each.

- Assess your academic strengths. Science requires a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences, while commerce involves understanding economic principles and financial concepts.

3. Academic Strengths:

4. Future Goals:

- Consider your long-term goals. If you aspire to become a doctor or engineer, science may be the better choice. If you're interested in business leadership or finance, commerce might align better with your goals.

Additionally, research the job market demand in your region for science and commerce graduates. Some fields may have higher demand, affecting job opportunities and potential salary levels. Ultimately, the "better" choice depends on your individual strengths, interests, and career aspirations.