What Is Delhi University Teaching Young Students Of Today? Knowledge Or Propaga

By Maria Khanam

4 October, 2023

In the world of academia, a significant shift is occurring under the banner of "New India." This transformation raises concerns as it impacts syllabi, history, and the broader educational landscape.


Is Saffronisation In DU At An All Time Rise? 

Professor Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, is championing an "Open" and "Flexible" academia. This has led to changes such as replacing terms like 'brahminization' with 'Vaishnava' and adding figures like Savarkar while excluding others, sparking controversy and concerns about propaganda over knowledge.

Syllabus Alterations and Controversy In DU

Is DU Rewriting History and Molding Minds?

The silent revision of history textbooks is a quiet but profound transformation, deeply unsettling as it erodes the foundation of well-informed and functioning society. The removal of important figures like Ambedkar is seen as political and suppressive, hindering critical thinking.

The integration of education and politics, as exemplified by syllabus changes and debates like the hijab controversy, raises questions about the narrowing of intellectual horizons and psychological conditioning. It underlines the influence of political agendas on what students learn.

Education and Politics Entwined:

Challenges to Academic Freedom:

The intrusion of political agendas, financial constraints, and the erosion of academic autonomy are challenging the concept of loyalty in academia. The academic environment is evolving, and the distinction between education and politics is blurring.

As academia in India faces these changes, it poses questions about the direction of education and the potential consequences. The interplay of education and politics has transformed the landscape, check the full story out for more. The story is linked below.