Best Internship Opportunities For Undergraduates

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

31th August, 2023

Before entering the workforce as a full-time employee, college students might consider gaining valuable work experience in the form of an internship. Oftentimes, internships are a requirement to complete degree requirements.


Here are some of the best internship opportunities for undergraduates

NASA offers a variety of internship opportunities to high school through graduate level students attending full-time accredited programs. Internships leverage NASA’s unique missions and programs to enhance and increase the capability, diversity of students.

NASA Research Internship Program

Google Internship Program

At a place where employees see their work have a worldwide impact very quickly, internships are fast-paced and exciting.  Google interns from computer engineering backgrounds work on everything from creating logos to conducting research.

Apple offers a number of internship programs to open its doors to students who can match Apple’s forward-thinking energy, bringing their talents to the table and exceeding their own potential while becoming essential members of the team....

Apple Summer Internship Program

Microsoft Engineering Internships

Microsoft has a well-earned reputation as a top employer and top firm in its field.  In addition to full-time positions, Microsoft also offers a number of internships, especially in the engineering field.

Choosing the right internship can set you up for success by providing opportunities that benefit your professional position in the workforce.