What Is The 1 3 5 7 Study Method?

By Ishika

3 November, 2023

The 1-3-5-7 study method is a structured approach to help you manage your to-do list and tasks effectively.


Here are four key points to explain this method:

In the 1-3-5-7 method, you start by selecting one major task, also known as the "1." This is your most important and non-negotiable task for the day. It should be a high-impact item that will make a significant difference in your progress.

1. Prioritization:

2. Three medium tasks:

After identifying your "1" task, you choose three medium-priority tasks, represented by the "3." These tasks are important but may not have the same urgency or impact as your "1" task. They should still contribute to your overall productivity and goals.

Next, you add five smaller, less time-consuming tasks, represented by the "5." These tasks are typically administrative or less critical, but they still need to be completed to maintain your productivity and stay organized.

3. Five smaller tasks:

4. Seven tiny tasks:

The "7" in the 1-3-5-7 method signifies seven small and quick tasks. These can include things like responding to emails, making phone calls, or other minor activities that don't require much time but can add up during the day.

The goal of this method is to limit your daily to-do list to these specific numbers (1-3-5-7) to prevent overload and help you focus on your top priorities. It encourages a balance between important and urgent tasks and ensures you tackle your most critical work first.