What Is The 1-3-7 Revision Method?

By Ishika

23 November, 2023

The 1-3-7 revision method is a structured approach to reviewing and revising study material.


Here are five key points about this technique:

Begin with a comprehensive review of the material within one day of learning it. This helps reinforce the information shortly after initial exposure.

1. Initial Review (1 day):

2. First Follow-up (3 days):

Three days after the initial review, revisit the material for a more in-depth revision. This spaced repetition enhances retention and strengthens memory recall.

A week later, engage in another review session. This reinforces the learning process, solidifying key concepts and making them more likely to be retained in long-term memory.

3. Second Follow-up (7 days):

4. Spaced Repetition:

The method leverages the spacing effect, where information is revisited at increasing intervals, optimizing the brain's ability to remember and recall information over time

By strategically spacing out the revision sessions, the 1-3-7 method promotes efficient long-term retention, making it a valuable tool for effective studying and memory consolidation.