What Is The 80-20 Rule In Studying?

By Ishika

23 November, 2023

The 80-20 rule in studying, also known as the Pareto Principle, suggests that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts.


Here are five key points about applying this principle to studying:

Identify the most crucial 20% of the material that will likely contribute to 80% of your understanding or performance in exams.

1. Focus on Vital Material (20%):

2. Effective Time Management:

Prioritise your study time on the most impactful tasks, concentrating on the key concepts and information that have a significant influence on your learning outcomes.

Recognise subjects or topics that carry more weight in terms of exam scores or overall understanding, and allocate more time and attention to them.

3. Identify High-Yield Topics:

4. Avoid Overstudying:

Recognise when you've reached a point of diminishing returns in your study efforts and focus on maintaining a balance to prevent burnout.

The 80-20 rule emphasizes efficiency by directing your energy towards the most important aspects of your study material, optimizing your overall learning experience.