What Is The 9-8-7 Study Method?

By Ishika

23 November, 2023

Wondering what is the 9-8-7 study method? Check this webstory to find out more.


9-8-7 study method is explained in the sext slides: 

- The 9-8-7 rule is a time management technique tailored for ACCA exam preparation. - It allocates 9 hours for studying, 8 hours for sleep, and 7 hours for various activities like eating, exercising, and socializing.

1. 9-8-7 Rule (Meaning)

2. Benefits of the 9-8-7 Rule:

- Avoiding Burnout: By limiting study hours, the rule helps prevent burnout, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced stress. - Improved Sleep Quality: Allocating 8 hours for sleep contributes to better alertness and productivity during study sessions. - Stress Reduction: Allowing time for relaxation and other activities helps in reducing overall stress levels.

- Burnout Prevention: Excessive study hours can result in burnout, negatively impacting productivity and overall well-being. - Quality Sleep: Sufficient sleep positively affects cognitive function, promoting effective learning and focus.

3. Impact on Productivity:

4. Health and Well-being:

- Reduced Stress: Allotting time for diverse activities fosters a balanced lifestyle, minimizing stress associated with exam preparation. - Holistic Approach: The rule emphasizes not just study hours but also sleep and leisure, promoting overall health.

- Starting Point for Improvement: The 9-8-7 rule offers a straightforward and practical approach to time management. - Balancing Act: Balancing study, sleep, and personal time can enhance both efficiency and well-being during exam preparation.