What Is The Best Way To Learn Korean For Free?

By Ishika

12 February, 2024

Learning Korean for free can be achieved through various resources and methods. Check this web story out for more.


“Here are five effective ways to learn Korean for free”

Utilize free online platforms such as Duolingo, Memrise, or LingoDeer, which offer interactive lessons, exercises, and quizzes to help beginners learn Korean vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

1. Online Language Learning Platforms:

2. YouTube Tutorials and Channels:

Explore Korean language learning channels on YouTube, where native speakers or experienced teachers provide free lessons, pronunciation guides, cultural insights, and language tips. Channels like Talk To Me In Korean and KoreanClass101 offer comprehensive resources for learners of all levels.

Connect with native Korean speakers interested in language exchange through online platforms like Tandem, HelloTalk, or conversation exchange forums. Engaging in language exchange allows you to practice speaking, listening, and writing Korean while helping your partner learn your native language.

3. Language Exchange Partners:

4. Online Communities and Forums:

Join online communities and forums dedicated to Korean language learning, such as Reddit’s r/Korean or language learning subreddits. These platforms provide valuable resources, study tips, language practice opportunities, and support from fellow learners and native speakers.

Take advantage of free resources available at public libraries, including Korean language textbooks, audio courses, and digital language learning platforms. Additionally, explore open educational resources (OER) such as the Korean Language Education Center’s online materials from universities like Yonsei University or Sogang University, which offer free access to Korean language textbooks, audio recordings, and exercises.