What Is The Blurting Study Technique?

By Ishika

28 November, 2023

The blurting method, at its simplest, is reading a section of text or notes, then closing them and writing down as much of the information as you can remember. This makes your brain work harder to retain the information, making it really hammer the info down into your long-term memory.


“Here’s more about the blurting study technique”

Blurting is an active recall method that involves reading a section of text or notes, closing them, and then writing down as much information as you can remember.

1. Active Recall Technique:

2. Memory Reinforcement:

This technique challenges your brain to work harder in retaining information, effectively reinforcing the learned material in your long-term memory.

Blurting gained popularity, notably through the endorsement of content creator Unjaded Jade on YouTube. The method became a trend on TikTok from 2021 to 2022, with students and teachers sharing their experiences and recommending it for its efficiency.

3. Popularity and Trend:

4. Advantages:

The blurting method helps identify areas for focused study, enhances understanding by forcing information into your own words, ensures longer retention through recall, is flexible for various learning materials, and can be adapted for lectures and online course videos.

While effective, blurting can be time-consuming and mentally taxing. It is not a replacement for note-taking during ongoing lectures and may not be the most efficient method for memorizing extensive factual information, where flashcards or similar methods could be more suitable.