What Is The Cost Of Doing BA LLB From NLU?

By Ishika S.

8th Aug, 2023

National Law Universities or NLUs are the most popular law schools in the country. Currently, there are 26 national law universities in India.


"Here is the fee structure of BA LLB at NLU"

NLSIU Bangalore’s BA LLB fees is INR 3,71,500 PA as of 2023.

NLSIU Bangalore 

NLU, Delhi

NLU Delhi’s BA LLB fees is INR 3,65,000 PA as of 2023.

NALSAR Hyderabad’s BA LLB fees is INR 2,97,000 PA as of 2023.

NALSAR, Hyderabad

NUJS, Kolkata

NUJS Kolkata’s BA LLB fees is INT 3,06,400 PA as of 2023.

NLU students are expected to intern from the very first year and have bagged at least 10 internships in their five-year degree.