What Is The Easiest Engineering Branch?

By Ishika

12 September, 2023

Wondering which Engineering branch is the easiest? Check this webstory out to find more.


“Here is a list of the easiest engineering branches in India”

Civil engineering is easiest because everyone has been exposed to buildings, bridges, etc since birth. Thinking about these, understanding the theory, and designing them therefore isn't too difficult, since the intuition is already there.

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are second easiest because cars and gears and the like are also highly intuitive, and also deal with the visible, physical realm.

If you are someone with an interest in computer technologies and engineering fundamentals, you will find CSE easy and thrive in the field.

Computer Engineering

Easy Or Hard Depends On Your Interest

Easy or hard however is very subjective and depends on person to person. If you’re someone who’s inclined towards IT, you would find CSE easy, if you’re interested in buildings etc, you’d find Civil engineering easy. So it depends on your interest.

Choose the Engineering branch that aligns with your area of interest.