What Is The Highest Post In BPSC?

By Ishika

7th September

What to know the highest post in BPSC? Check this webstory to find out.


“Here’s the highest post in BPSC”

The Bihar Public Service Commission recruits candidates to fill many vacancies in numerous administrative positions in Bihar.

BPSC Exam (About)


The post of DSP is the highest rank in the Police department that is offered by the BPSC. Above all, The job is very challenging and the Officer has to manage all the things related to the Police department in his jurisdiction.

The posts available for the BPSC Recruitment are usually Deputy Collector, Revenue Officer, Food and Supply Officer, and few others.

Other BPSC Posts

Salary for BPSC Officers

An SDM or Sub divisional magistrate’s salary is around 61-72k. Anchal Padadhikari’s salary is from 41k to 45k. A forest officers salary is around 43-47k.

The BPSC officers are also entitled to numerous powers and facilities due to their position at the peak of the pyramid of bureaucracy. These are the highest  posts in BPSC.