What Is The Japanese Technique To Relieve Stress?

By Ishika

12 February, 2024

The Japanese technique to relieve stress often involves practices rooted in mindfulness and relaxation. One popular method is called “Shashin-kyouiku,” which translates to “photo education.”


Here’s how to practice it in four steps:

Choose a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment, such as a serene garden, a tranquil park, or a quiet room with minimal distractions.

1. Select a Calming Environment:

2. Engage in Photography:

Equip yourself with a camera or smartphone with a camera function. Begin by focusing on the beauty of your surroundings. Look for visually appealing elements such as flowers, trees, or interesting patterns.

Use your camera as a tool for mindful observation. Pay close attention to the details of your surroundings as you frame your shots. Notice the interplay of light and shadow, colors, textures, and shapes.

3. Mindful Observation:

4. Immersive Experience:

Immerse yourself fully in the act of photography, allowing it to become a meditative practice. Focus on capturing moments of beauty and serenity, letting go of any stressful thoughts or worries. Be present in the moment and appreciate the simple joys of life through the lens of your camera.

By practicing Shashin-kyouiku, you can cultivate a sense of mindfulness, appreciation for the present moment, and creative expression, all of which contribute to stress relief and improved well-being.