What Is The Korean Meditation Method?

By Ishika

12 February, 2024

The Korean meditation method, known as Seon (Zen) meditation, is a practice deeply rooted in Buddhist tradition.


Here are five key points to understand this meditation method:

Seon meditation emphasizes mindful breathing as a central practice. Practitioners focus on the sensation of breathing in and out, using it as an anchor to bring their attention to the present moment.

1. Focus on Breath:

2. Observation of Thoughts:

Rather than suppressing thoughts or emotions, Seon meditation encourages practitioners to observe them without attachment or judgment. This practice cultivates awareness of the mind’s tendencies and fosters a sense of equanimity.

Practitioners typically sit in a stable posture, often on a cushion or bench, with their spine erect and shoulders relaxed. The emphasis is on stillness of the body, which helps calm the mind and deepen concentration.

3. Posture and Stillness:

4. Koan Practice:

Advanced practitioners may engage in koan practice, which involves contemplating paradoxical or enigmatic statements or questions provided by a teacher. Koans are used as tools to transcend rational thinking and access deeper insights into the nature of reality.

While individual meditation is common, many practitioners seek guidance from experienced teachers or masters to deepen their practice. Teachers provide instruction, support, and personalized guidance tailored to each practitioner’s needs and progress.