What Is The Korean Study Routine?

By Ishika

8 February, 2024

The Korean study routine is characterized by its structure, intensity, and focus on academic achievement.


Here are five points explaining the typical Korean study routine:

Korean students often start their day early, waking up before sunrise to begin their study routine. This allows them to maximize their study time and take advantage of the quiet hours before the day begins.

1. Early Mornings:

2. School Classes:

During the day, Korean students attend regular classes at school, where they cover a wide range of subjects including math, science, language arts, and social studies. School hours can be long, often extending into the afternoon or evening.

After school, many Korean students attend private academies known as “hagwons” to receive additional instruction and tutoring in specific subjects. These hagwons offer specialized courses designed to supplement the curriculum taught in regular schools and help students prepare for standardized exams.

3. Hagwon Attendance:

4. Self-Study Time:

In the evenings, Korean students dedicate time to self-study, reviewing class materials, completing homework assignments, and preparing for upcoming exams. They often study late into the night, sacrificing sleep in pursuit of academic success.

On weekends, Korean students typically devote even more time to studying, attending extra classes or study groups to further reinforce their understanding of key concepts and catch up on any missed material from the week. This intensive study routine reflects the strong emphasis placed on education in Korean society and the desire to excel academically.