What Is The Salary Of Stock Market Career?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

04th September, 2023

Other than brokerage, there are several other lucrative opportunities for professionals in stock trading. Some popular avenues include data analytics, consultancy, research and portfolio management services.


Here's everything you need to know about the salary of a stock market career

In the stock market, a research analyst may research the performance history of a company or its stock to help a buyer make an investment decision. The National average salary is ₹2,32,437 per year

Market Research Analyst


Dealers buy, hold and sell shares and equity on a stock exchange. They try to procure stock prior to a demand surge and sell it to interested buyers at higher prices to turn a profit. The National average salary: ₹2,63,847 per year.

Traders are individuals who purchase and sell equities and shares regularly for financial gains. They strategise and identify entry and exit points for share values and make the necessary transactions to maximise profits. The national average salary: ₹2,82,428 per year.


Investment Consultant

Investment consultants use their knowledge of equity and market trends to help their clients make good investment decisions. The national average salary is ₹4,15,272 per year.

By developing a strong foundation of financial knowledge, gaining practical experience, building a network of industry professionals and developing strong analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills, you can position yourself for great success.