What Is Tougher: IIT JEE Or UPSC?

By Ishika

21 July, 2023

UPSC and JEE are two of the most coveted exams. UPSC can easily be considered to be an exam which checkmates JEE and takes the title for the most challenging examination.




– JEE syllabus has fixed concepts and topics which students end up completing with the variety of books and presence of coaching. It requires practice. – However UPSC syllabus is very vast and there is no fixed quantification of portion that needs to be covered. Hence it is very difficult to study for it.

– JEE aspirants are generally school students and are still in the pursuit of education. – UPSC aspirants are older in their twenties and for the preparations they likely take time off which affects their life and well-being.

Age Restriction

The no. Of seats in IIT are more than for UPSC. In UPSC very few people are selected, so with this constraint the competition is more cut throat.

Limited Vacancies

Interview round

– UPSC and JEE are different in terms of the exam patterns too. The JEE is a one-day examination whose result depends on how well a person performs in six hours in an objective examination. – The UPSC exam also has a final interview to test the person’s caliber, knowledge and confidence among other factors.

In conclusion JEE and UPSC are both extremely tough exams, but UPSC is tougher.