What ‘No Strings Attached’ Taught Me About Love And Sex

August 5 2022

When we live in a rented house, we care for it, keep it clean, decorate it etc. If a rented house deserves that amount of care, don’t the people in No Strings Attached (NSA) relationships deserve that?


NSA: it’s something everyone talks about as the ideal way to have some intimacy in your life minus the stress. Everyone acts like it’s understood what it means. But is it?

"It is being involved romantically, being there for each other like a couple and doing things together, but without the expression of love or without the commitment of marriage.”

Akash, 24, straight, male

Zara, 26, straight, female

"There was no sex involved, but only sexting. It was all fun at first, but then I started having feelings and I felt this is not right... He would talk only when he wanted to. I was strictly not allowed to ping first which made me feel used."

"Outside my room, you don’t know me, I don’t know you. All you need to know about each other is the desires, no other details. We will talk only when we are free and only about when we are going to meet next.”

Rohan, 24, gay, male

Priya, 22, bisexual, female

"I get bored with one partner and conventional relationship is not my thing... I need more experiences and as a young person, I didn’t want to stay with one person forever.”

I am beginning to understand that my body has desires of being loved and that is okay! I am beginning to understand that love is not really about waiting for a happily ever after, but enjoying the present with all its ups and downs.