What Should I Do After 12th To Become A Hotel Manager?

By Ishika

20 November, 2023

Wondering what to do to become a hotel manager after 12th? Check this webstory to find out more.


“Here’s how you can become a hotel manager after 12th”

1. Pursue a Bachelor's Degree:

Enroll in a reputable hotel management program or a related field to gain a strong foundation in hospitality management.

Seek internships or part-time jobs in hotels or the hospitality industry to acquire hands-on experience and understand the day-to-day operations.

2. Gain Practical Experience:

Hotel managers need excellent communication skills to interact with guests, staff, and other professionals. Work on honing your verbal and written communication abilities.

3. Develop Communication Skills:

4. Specialize and Network:

Consider specializing in a specific aspect of hotel management, such as event planning, finance, or marketing. Attend industry events and network to build connections within the hospitality sector.

While not mandatory, obtaining a master's degree in hotel management or a related field can enhance your managerial skills and open up more advanced career opportunities.