How to Write A Research Proposal For PhD

By Rigya

17th Oct, 2022

If you decide to pursue PhD in India, there will come a stage when you’ll be required to submit a research proposal, an SOP or both. It’s an integral part of the admission process.


"A research proposal is well, a summary of your proposed research and the full form of SOP is a statement of purpose, which details your attributes and research aptitude."

A research proposal is an executive summary of your planned research during your PhD. It’s your research outline, a blueprint of sorts, that will help you find your supervisor and your area of interest.

Research Proposal

Format Of Proposal

So what should you include in your proposal? First things first, your research proposal should not be more than 2500-4000 words long. It should be crisp and clear.

The title is the first thing anyone will see. It should indicate what your research is about and also be striking. Avoid using ostentatious language and stick to the basics.

Give An Engaging Title

Writing Introduction

Introduce your topic and the beginnings of your research. Everyone has a story to tell, and in brief, explain how the seeds of this research germinated in you. 

PhD can be extremely isolating, so it’s good to talk to people going through the same.