Who Earns More CA Or A Doctor? 

By Ishika

22 September

Wondering who earns more money, a CA or a doctor? Check this webstory to find out more:


“CA Vs Doctor: who earns more?”


A chartered accountant is an internationally recognised financial professional who manages budgets, auditing, taxes and business strategies for clients

Doctors diagnose disease, provide treatment, counsel patients with injuries, diseases or illnesses. Their specific duties depend upon the speciality of their MBBS degrees.


According to various studies conducted, a CA earns more money than a doctor due to its high demand and the complexity of their work. The starting salary of a CA in a good MNC is more than that of a doctor.

CA Or Doctor: Who Earns More?

CA or Doctor: What Is Better?

Both CA’s and doctors have extremely different work profiles and are very respectable jobs. Pursue the one you feel passionate about. If you’re inclined towards finance CA is your calling, if you’re inclined towards medicine, you should go for MBBS.

These were some of the basic differences between a chartered accountant and a doctor along with important information for both. Hope the web story was helpful.