Who Earns More: CA Or MBA?

By Ishika

4 October

:Wondering who earns more CA or MBA? Check this webstory out to find out more:


“CA vs MBA”

CA Earnings

- CAs often have a high earning potential, especially in finance, accounting, and auditing roles. - As they gain experience and expertise, CAs can command lucrative salaries, particularly in senior positions or when working for prestigious firms.

MBAs typically have a broader range of career options, including roles in management, consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. - MBA graduates can also earn substantial salaries, particularly in sectors like consulting, investment banking, and technology, where leadership and strategic skills are highly valued.

MBA Earnings:

- Earnings for both CAs and MBAs can vary significantly depending on the industry they work in. For example, finance and consulting tend to offer higher salaries. - Geographic location also plays a role. Salaries in major business hubs like New York, London, or Singapore are often higher than in smaller cities or regions.

Industry and Location:

Experience and Specialization:

- Both CAs and MBAs can increase their earning potential by gaining experience and specializing in high-demand areas. - For CAs, specializing in fields like forensic accounting or taxation can lead to higher-paying roles. - MBAs who specialize in areas such as finance, healthcare management, or technology management can also command higher salaries.

In summary, the earning potential of CAs and MBAs can be quite competitive and dependent on various factors.