Who Earns More Engineer Or MBA?

By Ishika S.

4 October

Wondering who earns more in India an engineer or MBA? Check this webstory out to find more:


“Engineer vs MBA: who earns more”

In the early stages of their careers, engineers tend to earn comparatively more than MBA graduates. Engineering graduates often secure well-paying jobs in industries like IT, manufacturing, and engineering services.

Early Career Earnings:

MBA Specializations Matter:

The earning potential of MBA graduates can vary widely depending on their chosen specialization. Graduates in fields like finance, consulting, or marketing may command higher salaries compared to other specializations.

As both engineers and MBA professionals gain more experience, their earning potential increases. With time, MBAs can climb the corporate ladder and earn higher salaries through promotions and leadership roles.

Experience Matters:

Industry and Location:

Earnings are also influenced by the industry and location. Certain industries, such as technology and finance, offer higher salaries, and working in major metropolitan areas generally leads to higher compensation due to the cost of living.

In summary, engineers may have a higher starting salary, but the earning potential for MBA graduates can be competitive, especially with the right specialization, experience, and industry.