Who Should Choose History As Optional Subject In UPSC?

By Ishika

7th Aug, 2023

History is a popular optional subject chosen by candidates in the IAS mains exam. It is a very important subject too.


“Here’s who should choose history as an optional subject in UPSC”

History is basically story based and hence makes understanding easier. If you’re into stories and understand them better, history might be a good optional for you.

History Is Story Based

History Is A Static Subject

History Is static in nature which means that the studied stories doesn’t change. So once you’ve completed history, you only need to revise and you’re good to go for 2-3 years for the least.

History topics makes the preparation for essay easier as you study a lot of it.

History Is Helpful For Essay Paper

Overlaps With GS Papers

General studies papers contain portions from history. So here, you can optimise time by preparing for optional and GS papers.

Hence, if the above options intrigue you, history might be a good optional subject for you.