Why Boycott Brahmastra Is In The Wrong

By Akshat Mohan

September 6 2022

Thor. Zeus. Poseidon. Heimdall. These are Gods, or at least revered figures, in Greek and Norse mythology. But, fascinatingly, these are household names even in India, particularly in the urban upper and upper-middle classes.


Brahmastra could turn out to be the larger-than-life pop-culture propeller that Indian mythology has sorely lacked so far.

It is for this reason Brahmastra, Ayan Mukerjee’s magnum opus which releases this Friday, could be a game changer for Indian culture and its stories..

Brahmastra's Impact

Celbrating Culture

We could witness a future where heroes and stories rooted in our traditions could very well rule the hearts of audiences across the globe. Brahmastra is the first step towards that future.

However, as has been the case with a host of recent Bollywood releases, the film is facing a barrage of calls for its boycott across social media platforms.


Brahmastra's Attempt

We are all proud inheritors of a glorious civilisation, brimming with great stories and traditions. Brahmastra is a novel attempt that celebrates our culture and heritage.

If it turns out to be a successful attempt, it may just end up opening the door for scores of other such tales, rooted in our Itihasa, to a global audience, a development that will immensely enrich all of human society.