Why Can't I Quit Smoking

By Anuska Roy

3rd July, 2023

Nicotine is addictive. it's apparently just as addictive as cocaine or heroin. Which is why it's so tough to stop smoking. E-cigarette detractors claim that by selling them in a range of kid-friendly flavours manufacturers are promoting them to teenagers.


Nicotine causes the release of feel-good chemicals inside your brain. 

Nicotine alters the way your brain functions over time and gives you the impression that you need it to feel normal.

Influence Of Smoking

Effects Of Quitting Smoking

Your brain becomes agitated when you stop smoking. You can consequently experience anxiety or anger. You might find it difficult to focus or sleep, experience frequent cravings to smoke, or simply feel uneasy.

We refer to these emotions as withdrawal. After a few weeks of quitting, this becomes better as your brain adjusts to life without nicotine.

Quit Smoking Withdrawals

Quit Smoking Medicines

Nicotine is a component of some medications used to stop smoking. You can use this to gradually adjust to having less nicotine from cigarettes in your brain.

You must overcome both of these difficulties in order to successfully quit smoking: your brain's lack of nicotine and your continued use of tobacco during regular activities.