Why I Find Uorfi Jawed Inspiring For Women!

By Prakshi Saha

12th July, 2023

I have been fascinated by Uorfi Javed for quite some time. How I feel about her has also evolved, and now oddly feels like an appropriate time to pen my thoughts.


“Here’s why I find Uorfi Jawed very inspiring”

She is smart, unapologetic and awfully brave. She has a mind of her own. In an industry that has been criticised far too often for being silent in the face of socio-political oppression, Uorfi calls out every injustice.

I Began To See Uorfi Beyond Her Clothes

Love To Hate Uorfi

“Uorfi is unhinged, and has control over her bodily autonomy. That is something people don’t see in our society and hence, want to shut it down in women. The same has also happened with other celebrities who present themselves in a very unconventional way, like Rakhi Sawant.”

“Radhika Dhingra, who is a nonprofit founder from Pune, said, “I absolutely love her. I envy her confidence and guts and how she is so unapologetically herself.“

The Guts Of Uorfi Jawed

Uorfi’s Authenticity Is Political

Personally, I love Uorfi most for her politics. I remember once when she was slut shamed by author Chetan Bhagat who referred to Uorfi as a ‘distraction for young boys’ and she did not hold back.

Uorfi Javed’s guts inspire women everywhere to be themselves and take charge.I cannot wait to watch this wave turn into a revolution.