By Ritu

May 07, 2023

Why Manipur Is Burning?

The riots began after a Solidarity March organized by All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) against the High Court order regarding the Scheduled Tribe status of the Meitei community. The demand for ST status has resulted in clashes between different tribal groups.


“Here’s a ground report from Manipur on the crisis”

Members of the Meitei community seek ST status to protect their land, culture, and heritage. They cite historical reasons for their demand and express concern over the erosion of their identity and population.

Narratives by the Meitei Community

Narratives by the Paite Community

The Paite community sees the situation as a pre-mediated act by the Meiteis, expressing that the conflict extends beyond Meiteis vs. Kukis to Tribals vs. Non-Tribals. They highlight the harm to non-Tribals and call for separate administration for the two groups.

Narratives by the Kuki Community

The Kuki community fears ethnic cleansing and losing their place in the state. The situation is tense, and the fight may escalate to involve other groups. Urgent humanitarian assistance is needed for affected communities.

Need For Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian assistance like shelter, food, and clothes should be reached to the affected people on time.

All narratives point to a deeply disturbed state. The government must actively intervene, withdraw Article 355 and shoot-on-site orders, and initiate reconciliation among leaders.

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