Why Nobody Could Land On The South Pole Of The Moon? 

By Ishika S. 

24th August

India landed a small robot pragyan on the moon's south pole on Wednesday and became the first nation to touch down at the strategic spot and the fourth nation to ever land on the moon.


“Here’s why no one landed on the South Pole of the moon before India”

India landed on the South Pole four years after India's first attempt crashed into the lunar South Pole making a history as no other country as been able to land on the South Pole yet.

How Long Did It Take For India To Land OnThe South Pole?

Russia’s Failed Attempt At South Pole

Russia's Luna-25 craft had been scheduled to land on the south pole this week but spun out of control on approach and crashed on Sunday and days later India landed.

The south pole is far from the equatorial region and hence is targeted by previous missions, including the crewed Apollo landings which is full of craters and deep trenches.

Why The South Pole?

US and Russia Aims To Land At The South Pole

Both the US and China also hope to land on the lunar south pole before the end of the decade.

India's success, especially in light of the much better-funded Russia's failure, is a huge triumph.